Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My first half marathon

So my husband and I signed up for a half marathon in Disney World on January 8th. WHAT WAS I THINKNG!?!?! I am so totally unprepared, I haven't been training, I am totally NOT a runner by nature, but I am committed and have to do this... again, what was I thinking?


  1. You'll do great! Even if you have to walk some or all, heck, you can say you did it, right? Good luck. Have fun in Disney World and enjoy the bragging rights of saying you did a 1/2 marathon! :)

  2. you can do it even if you have to walk. The course and is totally flat. The disney characters are on the course and it is loads of fun...Plus the medal is totally AWSOME!!!!! Have fun you will do great and you will be so proud of yourself for having done it! Bring back some sunshine OK?