Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 1/2

I started my day with my Monday workout. I decided to go outside @ 7:30am and FREEZE my butt, but I got it done. I am used to working out longer than I did, and burning more calories during a workout (I have a heart rate monitor) but again, I am trying to trust the process. It did feel good to start my day getting my heart going.
So with that being said, of course I ate my "breakfast" (Cliff Bar) on my way to work in the car- I didn't think anything of it, before I started doing it, but as I was driving down the road eating, I thought, hmm, I'm not supposed to do this. So I was mindful that I was doing it. Does that count, lol.
Anyways, I got through the day, it wasn't too bad all in all.
No excuses!
I had my first attempt at meditating... I found my self making excuses not to try it, the kids are up, they wont let me have the time/peace, but I did it. It was hard to sit there and "try" to think about nothing! My mind kept racing from one thing to another... But again, I am going to Trust the Process. I will keep at it.
No excuses!

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  1. Nice!! I am impressed. Very good of you to at least recognize you weren't supposed to eat on the way to work. That's funny!
    Great job meditating! I still don't have a quiet space and I am thinking about doing it in my car, then my husband will think i really HAVE lost it!! Hee Hee
    Off to find a quiet corner...