Friday, January 28, 2011

Over the hump

I had an ok week. Great with my eating, but Tuesday and Wednesday I hit a wall. My body said STOP! Tired isn't even the word for it. I felt like a zombie, my energy was low, my mental state was low, it was NOT a good 2 days! But Wednesday night I ended up going to bed at 8pm and Thursday morning I woke up feeling like a totally different person! I was unsure that it would last all day, but it did, and I still feel great! So for those of you who are struggling with that like I was, it will pass, just like Sherri and Chris said! Who said we should listen to Chris? lol He seems to know what he is talking about ;)
I had a great weigh in this morning, and am ready for the day! See you guys tomorrow!
No excuses!

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  1. Becky,
    Yay for you! Realizing that sleep and rest are huge components of wellness! I know this is a struggle for a lot of folks, because we want to DO DO DO and get the job done (myself included). It is so important to listen to your body when it tells you to lay low - and you did just that, awesome!