Friday, January 14, 2011

Trust the process

ok, so WOW! This is so totally different than anything I have ever done before! It was so great to meet so many of you today, and I have so much to think about. MaryBeth and I were talking, and we discussed how we exercise so that we can eat, well, over eat. The more I think about it, here lately especially it's not working out so well for me. That is why I am here, lol.
This process is going to be a HUGE change, I have learned to exercise, and exercise, the more the better. It will be a shift in my thought process to learn to not over do it, to really eat the right things, for the right reasons. I haven't finished reading my binder yet ( I just got it last night) but so far, I have learned what an emotional eater I am.
I did go to Kroger and they did have most everything on the list of foods we should get. I am going to spend my day planning my meals for the week tomorrow.
I am going to trust the process... I am going to give 100% of myself to this.


  1. Becky, so nice to see you today. I am right there with you. In fact the part about Chris saying that you can never overtrain the nutrition aspect, well that's me. I've always 'thought' that if I just keep training a little harder & then (oh, yes, since I trained so hard) I can have that chocolate! So I'm impressed you already got to the grocery. I have to plan ahead too, or this isn't going to work.
    Good luck on your first week! We can do this!!

  2. I too am impressed that you got to the grocery. I might need some help with my meal plan. It is ALL I have thought about and yet I still don't know what to eat. Sheesh this will be interesting.
    Hang in
    No excuses
    Great Job